Today in the city Sheridan 21.05.2018
Giancarlo Giannini Joins George Clooney’s ‘Catch-22’

Oscar-nominated Italian actor Giancarlo Giannini (“Swept Away”) has joined the cast of George Clooney’s “Catch-22” TV series, which is set to start shooting in Sardinia this week. Giannini will play M...

Brandon Belt Suggests Some Umpires Call Strikes to Shorten Length of Game

San Francisco Giants outfielder Brandon Belt was not pleased Wednesday's 6-3 loss to the Cincinnati Reds ended on a called third strike with him at the plate and the potential tying ...

Want to Play ‘Super Smash Bros.’ at E3? Reserve a Ticket Beforehand

If you’re a “Super Smash Bros.” fan eager to try the new game at this year’s E3, which takes place from June 12 to June 14 in Los Angeles, you might want to reserve your spot a...

Named for a 1940s BeBop song, Epistrophy Is a New York Neighborhood Trattoria That Swings.

The food and wine of Sardinia are featured in the tiny trattoria Epistrophy in Manhattan's Nolita (North of Little Italy) neighborhood.

House Passes Platooning Bill to Shorten Space Between Trucks

Self-driving trucks would be allowed much shorter distances between vehicles under a bill that just narrowly passed the House.

The Costa Smeralda May Be Sardinia's Playground but Alghero Is Its True Soul

Alghero, on Sardinia's west coast, has prehistoric archaeology, Catalan architecture and great seafood.

JetBlue Delivers Pizza Across The Country With Cheese And Strategy

The recent JetBlue "Pie In The Sky" promotion where they offered to deliver authentic NYC pizza to LA sounds absurd. But upon further inspection, it's brilliant because it adopts a familiar cultural a...

Bella Thorne, Josh Hartnett to Attend New Festival in Sardinia

A new festival dedicated to the crossover between films and TV shows is being launched in Italy, with U.S. actors Bella Thorne and Josh Hartnett scheduled to attend. Thorne, who has gone from Disney C...

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